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Whether you are passionate about Acting, Singing or Dancing our comprehensive Directory will be able to help you in your quest for Performing Arts information and local classes. The comprehensive list of classes includes  children's acting classestheatre schools,weekend schools,Acting courses,Performing Arts related resourses, A level and GCSE information, improvisation classes,showcases opportunities ,Courses, London Theatre Schools,pre school classes in acting and music, full time adult acting classes and holiday clubs and workshops in singing, dancing and acting. There litterally is something for every one!

Our handy search function will help you find your nearest school or class, once you have completed your search you will have the opportunity to view individual schools & classes by clicking on their microsite or by clicking through to their own school website.

If you are looking for a specific acting, singing or drama or dance course or prehaps a holiday workshop then please use our advanced search. As there is such a huge variety available in the UK for both Adults & Children it is a good idea to view several different classes so you can see what is on offer before making your choice, also some schools offer a FREE trial.

If you are looking for drama resources, play recommendations, teacher information, games,  please do use our search situated on our home page, we have tried to cover key areas and have included an adult acting area , TV and Film plus a children’s section and performing arts at further education.

If you require specific help in finding a school, class or workshop in your area for either adults or children just get in contact using our ‘Ask Lynn’ contact form and we will do our very best to help you.

Richard and Lynn Beaumont are the two actors behind the scenes and both have years of experience in the industry as performers, actors and teachers, they also run their own Youth Theatre, Theatre Company and now

Children's Performing Arts Schools

Performing Arts, TV & Film and Dance schools offer young children a really great way to build children's confidence. By sending your young child to a part time School or drama club you can be sure they will be learning lots of interaction skills that will help them to communicate with both other children, parents and their teachers.

With two children of my own I have witnessed the huge benefits of acting and performing arts lessons first hand; their drama has been an essential part of their development. The communication tools that they learnt in their classes they took to the school room, home to the dinner table and consequently dinner times were always lively with news of their school days. I worry now that families no longer have time to eat together which is why learning life skills at their local Acting school or after school club can be so beneficial.

I believe learning to communicate effectively could really cut down on potential social problems and as they mature into teenagers the skills and tools they will learn from  Classes will be paramount to ensuring that they grow into well rounded individuals.

Here at it is our intention to help and guide those interested in the Performing Arts by offering an excellent choice of UK schools for children and adults.

Adult classes for the keen amateur.

It is quite incredible how adult drama classes have become quite the extra activity for adults. Taking acting classes can be a great way to improve your comedy, listening and social skills. You will also make some great new friends!

Drama schools also offer post graduate courses if you are late starter and want to discover if you have something to offer the industry then we can help you find information on what is available to you.

One of the most social acting classes I have discovered is Drama Nights a company providing short adult courses in Richmond, Bath and Bristol. The evening classes are held in pubs making a night out a really great ocassion. Use our search at the top of the page to find out more.

It doesn't matter how old you are it is never too late to follow your dreams or just try something different, who knows what you might discover!

 We do hope you find a suitable class, course, club or holiday workshop on our site, please spread the word and help make THE best online resource for Performing Arts Schools.