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Why is acting such a great way for you or your children to increase confidence and social skills?

Learning how to improvise and react in new situations is an important life skill. Taking acting classes from a leading drama school or performing arts college will teach you the necessary skills to help you achieve this.

Drama schools offer several opportunities for adults and children to develop their acting and performing arts skills, whether you are looking for Screen Acting Courses, Voice Training, improvisation training or help developing performance skills you are sure to find a school that can help you. Some of the acting classes and workshops listed are more specific to different techniques such as Method Acting, Meisner Techniques and Acting Shakespeare.

Classes for adults run in the evenings, weekend or are part-time and are designed to fit around a full time job. When looking at drama schools and performing arts colleges it is important to choose one which is a suitable distance away and provides the acting classes and workshops which help develop your preferred specialisation.

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Drama tools and techniques build confidence and improve vocal ability and dexterity. The tools taught in a drama or acting class can greatly improve social skills and are therefore useful for children and adults.

If part-time acting classes aren’t convenient or don’t work with your schedule, you may find a holiday workshop to be of interest to you. Holiday workshops are a great way to try a different acting style or technique, and Screen acting is often available as a short course.

If you are looking for acting information we have a wealth of different topics for you to look through, including, how to block your scene, auditioning for drama schools or performing arts colleges, how to get an agent and top audition tips. We can also recommend acting classes to attend to work on specific techniques.

For information on monologues and Shakespeare duologues please visit our scripts page.

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