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    • Razzamataz Principals raise funds for students
    • The Principals are all part of Razzamataz Theatre Schools and entered the event to raise funds for the theatre school’s charity Future Fund, which has been set up to support a Razzamataz student going on to study full time performing arts in college.

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Acting classes, Drama Courses and Theatre Classes near you for children & Adults at your local Performing Arts School.

Everything you need to know to get involved in your local Drama group.

Why are acting lessons such a great way for you or your children to increase confidence and social skills?

By Learning drama based skills you will learn how to improvise and react in new situations, this is an important life skill and one which can be learned at your local acting class. Taking  classes at a Stage school or performing arts college will teach you the necessary skills to help you achieve this and become a more confident person.

A Part time or Full time Theatre school  in London offers several opportunities for adults  whether it is as a hobby or wish pursue it as a career. It is never to late to pursue your dream, there are no age limits when it comes to acting however it will be more difficult starting out later in life, but definitely not impossible. Networking is now key for actors and it is very importand to get social and keep in contact with people you meet along the way, as you never know when they will be casting their next Film, TV series or Theatre production.

There are a wide variety of Stage and Theatre schools for children and adults all over the UK where ystudents can develop acting and performing arts skills, whether you are looking for Screen Acting Courses, Voice Training, improvisation training or help developing performance skills you are sure to find a class near you that can help you. Some of the classes and workshops listed on our Directory are more specific to different techniques such as TV and Film, Method Acting, Meisner Techniques and Shakespeare.

If you are interested in training at a top London school it is important to research well, DramaUK offer further information for students interested in training on a full time basis.

Drama Classes for adults often run in the evenings, weekend or are part-time and are designed to fit around a full time job. When looking at local Theatre school or performing arts colleges it is important to choose one which is a suitable distance away and provides the acting classes and workshops which help develop your preferred specialism.

If you run your own Performing Arts School don't miss out, sign up your school now by clicking HERE

Drama tools and techniques build confidence and improve vocal ability and dexterity. The tools taught in a drama can greatly improve social and business skills and are therefore useful for children and adults.

If part-time classes aren’t convenient or don’t work with your schedule, you may find a holiday workshop or Summer School could be of interest to you. Holiday workshops are a great way to try a different acting style or technique, and Screen acting is often available as a short course.

If you are looking for advice and tips we have a wealth of different topics for you to look through, including, how to block your scene, auditioning for drama schools or performing arts colleges, how to get an agent and some top audition tips. We can also recommend  classes to attend to work on specific techniques.

For information on monologues and Shakespeare duologues please visit our scripts page.

Please use our search box to find your nearest Theatre school. For regular news and updates check us out on our social media.

If you are an actor who has landed here and looking for a way to kick start your career we can definitely point in the right direction we have a great little article on 'How to create Your Own Work' a new course for Actors which will teach them the skills to take charge of their own career and some ideas on where you can showcase your talents and nab yourself an agent.

Don't sit and wait for an acting job to come to you as you could be waiting a very long time!

If you have need any support whilst on our website please do email me and the dramaclasses team at