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Infograhic How to become an actorHow to get involved in your local Drama School or Drama Class.

Whatever your age, ability or experience there are always Drama classes and acting workshops to accommodate you.

At we have lots of acting tips, advice and a Directory of UK Drama Schools that offer full and part time acting courses for adults and children.

The Performing Arts offers you a chance to expand your creativity, develop confidence and social skills along with developing your own acting technique.

Acting Schools on our Directory offer a variety of classes that include, musical theatre, method acting, meisner and TV and Film Acting.

So many UK schools are unable to offer Children's Drama and Performing Arts, luckily the UK have a plethora of part time schools offering after school drama activities to children and adults.

Choosing a school can be challenging so we have a few tips to help you get started.

As a young actor starting out it is important to find acting classes that can further your chances of having a career as an actor. Networking is a crucial part of this. From finding the right school, to getting an agent we can help you on your way.

Our Acting resources cover many different Drama topics, including how to do a Self Tape, information on acting techniques like Stanisvlaski and Meisner, how to create your own work as an actor and how to market yourself as an actor.

Becoming an actor requires passion, determination, talent and staying power. To achieve your dream you must be prepared to work hard and keep improving your craft.

For children drama can be a great way to improve confidence, make new friends and develop speech and listening skills.

Whatever has brought you to Dramaclasses we hope you find all the information you need to start you or your child on an exciting journey into the Arts.

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  • Latest News on Drama School Fees From The Stage.

Some of the UK’s leading drama schools are set to increase their fees by £250 a year, after the government announced plans to raise the maximum that universities can charge.

This will be the first time tuition fees have increased since 2012, when the cap for undergraduate fees rose from £3,290 to £9,000 per year.

Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Rose Bruford College have confirmed to The Stage their intention to raise their fees to the new maximum £9,250 from August 2017. Read more.

A bit about Drama Classes

DramaClasses refer to a Directory of Acting, Singing and Dance lessons which also offer Performing Arts information and resources for students, teachers and parents. was launched in 2007 and is now established as the leading online UK Directory for Parents, Children and Drama for students to find their local Drama classes, information on Full time Drama schools and helpful tips for those interested in pursuing a career in the Arts.

Dramaclasses works as a mediator for schools and students. By having all UK Drama schools in one Directory it helps prospective students to compare their local Drama classes with other schools in their area. The Site allows schools to display all their class information at a glance and gives the user several ways in which visitors can contact their chosen school.

Since launching in 2007 many Drama and Dance schools have benefited from this service.

Website Technology.
The first site was built by Base Creative in 2007 it was later revamped in 2012 in a hope to improve user experience and ensure that visitors could easily access the resources and search easily for their nearest Drama Class.
There were new search facilities added to help students find specific Acting, TV or Musical Theatre courses and the resource section was improved to assist parents, students and teachers in their hunt for Performing Arts information.

The Resource section covers Teaching ideas and techniques, Theatre Practitioners such as Stanislavsky, Brecht and Grotowski. Plus TV and Film tips by TV Director Nick Phillips who has directed episodes of Eastenders. The Drama Classes Blog has interesting articles on a variety of up and coming actors and actresses along with a helpful insight into Performing Shakespeare.

Dramaclasses was set up by Actors Lynn and Richard Beaumont both of which have been in the Entertainment business over 30 years. Richard made his debut at just 3 years old in a Lemon Pie Commercial, he then went on to become a child actor and appeared as Tiny Tim in the Film Scrooge.

Richard trained at The Corona Academy and Lynn trained at Italia Conti.

In 2015 was launched as a sister site to Drama classes to cater for Dance schools in the UK.

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