How can Drama Classes Help My Child

What are the benefits of weekly classes and What new skills will my child learn?

Acting skills are integral in all walks of life the confidence building, the audio, the visual skills are just a few life skills your child will learn plus of course the all important imagination and fun they have in  class at a local performing arts school.

Learning to speak out loudly and confidently is something we all wish we could do and is a real asset to children in school for both their studies and for their social skills, however these skills stay with them as they grow into adults.

What will they do in a class?

In a class at their local performing arts school they will learn all of the skills mentioned plus others. In a safe environment their courage grows, they have fun, they are energetic they laugh and make new friends. Through improvisation games in their class, devised and scripted pieces they learn to listen not only to instruction but to each other. 

Working alongside other children their social skills improve and by the time they do their first  performance their confidence has grown and is there for all to see. 

Whatever they choose to do in later life, their skills they have learnt at their local part time school will always be there to carry them through.

There are many different types of performing arts schools both full and part time, use the sites search box to find your local school.

There are so many, how do I choose a performing arts School?

When choosing a part time school for children, it is a good idea to look at a few in your area. Schools vary in their curriculum, especially in their class structure. 

Children need constant stimulation, they love to experiment with  games and the laughter that always accompanies them and they like nothing more than a script to get their teeth into. They don't need to have many lines, just a few will make them feel on top of the world. Try to find a  school for children that gives all the children in the class an opportunity to shine, from the littlest to the eldest. 

Some part time  schools offer a staged production at least once a year, this is a tremendous experience for children, the thrill of the bright lights and a packed house is guaranteed to keep their interest. For older children a school that does L.A.M.D.A. exams might be important, or  festivals.

Learning to work on ones own or with a partner requires great discipline and strength of character. schools are more than happy for you to ask lots of questions, use the search engine to look at the various schools for children. Then give them a call and find out how they can help your child and what takes place in a typical class session. 

After School club

An after school drama club  is also another option, these are often brought into schools by the local performing arts school. They are fun to take part in and in a familiar environment of the child's own school. 

If you have any questions regarding  schools or acting classes for children or adults please email and we will do our best to help.

To find local drama schools near you please use our search facility.