Dramabuds preschool & Early Years Drama | Cheam, Croydon & Carshalton

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Dramabuds preschool & Early Years Drama | Cheam, Croydon & Carshalton

Dramabuds is a Drama school for preschool children and early years children up to 10 years old.Our weekly drama classes take place in Carshalton, Cheam and Croydon at various times during the day, Please see our time table for further details.

At Dramabuds we encourage imaginary play and dressing up which creates a wonderful environment for young children to explore their creativity.

Dramabuds children improve their listening and concentration and grow in confidence with regular attendance. The drama helps the children’s speech and communication skills, whilst the stories actively encourage the children to co-operate with one another and to problem solve.

Using drama, movement, imaginative play and song we captivate the children’s imaginations. Together we create new worlds, become fun characters and use the children’s ideas to solve challenges set within the story.

Children's drama parties Croydon, cheam and carshaltonEach term we introduce the children to a new theme,from Captain Hook and Tinkerbell to the wonderful world of Roald Dahl there is always something new and exciting for each age group.

Classes are separated into three age groups.

  • Growing Buds are for our 2 – 4 year olds. This class is a great introduction to drama with lots of dress up and imaginary play.
  • Our Full Blooms are for ages 4 – 7 years this class builds on their imagination and drama skills and also prepares children to perform for family and friends.
  • Budding Actors is for our 7 – 10 year olds and is a more advanced class.They still follow the dramabuds philosophy but the drama exercises and games are more in depth and we explore more advanced techniques of character portrayal and improvisation.

As regards to the end of term performance, our Budding Actors class write their own lines, think up their own movements and have a say in how the performance is shaped. These classes are a great way for children to use their creativity, imagination, literacy skills and feel ownership over a project.

If you would like to enrol your child in a Dramabuds class
Please Call 020 8669 2355


“Hi Mums etc Just wanted to tell you about a really good activity I took my 19 month old son to today. Dramabuds. We went to the one in Cheam Library, (others in Carshalton and Wimbledon). My lad is a ‘loud-won’t sit still’ boy so this was perfect for him. We all got involved in a story and pretended to be the characters (horses, train, ballerina). The lady running it is really enthusiastic and welcoming. I’m deffo going to sign up for next term. If your interested you can go for a free trial -.xx”
Tracey and Bailey Tadworth

Drama games and dressing up at Dramabuds“I have found Dramabuds to be excellent…. The content of the sessions are varied using a variety of strategies including games, music, discussions in role and multi-sensory techniques to engage the children. The style is lively keeping the children’s interest throughout with all the children participating with enthusiasm whilst concentrating and following instructions. The children’s ideas are used in the drama created and all contributions are valued and encouraged.”
Helen Teasdale, Music and Drama teacher, St Giles School.

“I wanted to thank you for creating such fun Dramabuds classes. They seem especially well suited for kids that don’t have english as a main language at home! Birgitta and I will keep recommending your classes as a fun way to practice english!”
Katie Hostalier mum to Nico aged 2 Wimbledon

For more information on  Dramabuds Preschool & Early Years Drama in Cheam, Croydon or Carshalton please do get in touch by calling 020 8669 2355 or using our email contact form on the left of the screen.

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Contact Details

Contact Name:
Becca Dramabuds

School Address:
West Street Evangelical Church
West St
SM5 2NR.
United Kingdom

Telephone: 020 8669 2355

School Website: http://www.dramabuds.co.uk


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From Our Timetable:

1: Carshalton Beeches Drama Classes 2-10 year olds

Tuesday at Growing Buds 09:45-10:30 - Full Blooms 10:45-11:45 -

Carshalton Beeches Drama Classes

  • Tuesday 2pm Growing Buds  (2-4 years) £72.60–£116.60

  • Tuesday 4pm Full Blooms £82.50–£137.50 (4-7 years)

    Young children instinctively use their imaginations when they play. Each week Dramabuds in Carshalton connect with their young audience by using this love of make-believe to create and explore new and exciting worlds. The children cooperate with one another as they help develop a colourful Drama Buds story.

    Imaginations are stretched, concentration and communication skills boosted, as they become the story’s character, and bring it to life with drama, song and movement. 

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