7 ways to advertise your Drama School online

How to market your Drama School online.

  • 7 steps to marketing your drama school effectively.

Make sure your website is up to date.

  1. An out of date website is a real turn off for prospective visitors, updating your Blog keeps it nice and fresh and can really give your visitors a chance to see exactly what your school does during term time.

  2. List your Drama school on as many website relevant Directories as possible.
    Did you know it takes someone between 5-7 times of seeing your advert before they will get in contact?

  3. Take a paid listing on Dramaclasses.biz the biggest online drama school Directory.
    As we are a dedicated drama school directory our visitors are looking for schools and you can post regular news on your microsite blog.

  4. Create a Facebook Page and write regular posts.
    Facebook is great way to spread the word of what your school does and grab the attention of potential students.

  5. Upload your email list to Facebook and advertise your classes using your list.
    Did you know you can upload your email list to Facebook , it's a great remarketing tool and inexpensive too.

  6. Create a Youtube account and post relevant videos that link back to your website.
    Youtube is a great way to increase views to your website.

  7. Create an instagram account and post regular pictures of your classes.
    Instagram is yet another social networking site and many young performing arts enthusiastic visit everyday. Set up an account today.