Acting Classes around the world

There are literally hundreds of drama schools all over the world offering drama classes to children and adults.

Acting classes are taking place all round the world. Acting schools are to be found in all the main cities of the world and it is my intention to bring a selection of those to our visitors. Keeping abreast of what other acting schools are offering will be an interesting and beneficial addition to dramaclasses.

Whether it is an acting school in Canada, America, Spain or the Philippines they are all aiming to offer great courses in acting for film, acting for television and acting for the theatre.

Acting courses offer different acting techniques and experiences a variety of different acting styles is of great benefit, then you can decide which method you are most comfortable to work with.

If you have any experiences you wish to share of taking an acting course out of the UK please send me an account and we will post it onto our site to share with our visitors.