Drama & Acting Classes for Kids

Drama classes for kids will build your Child's Confidence.

Being part of weekly  classes will improve self confidence and increase social skills that will enhance your childs performance in school and out.

I am sure most parents would love their children to be confident and the great news is you can help your child achieve just that by  enrolling your child in their local drama class or drama group.

It is proven that children who participate in Singing classes, Dance classes and acting classes  will, from a young age improve confidence, public speaking and social skills. There is a huge value in children learning the skills that give thousands of actors the confidence to take centre stage. Singing, Dance and acting Classes taken on a regular basis can have a serious impact on a child's confidence. The earlier you enrol your child in a group the more likely they are to grow in confidence.

Drama classes for children and teenagersBeing confident is so beneficial to a child as they progress through school, it allows them to make social and educational choices. Whether it is to stand up to the class bully or to stand up and deliver a speech, poem or talk to their peers, drama will really add so much value.

After more than 30 years as an actor/teacher of performance, both in traditional schools and drama schools I have witnessed the most dramatic changes in personality. I have taught many children with severely introverted personalities that have become incredibly self aware and self confident after attending classes.

Children learn through games and exercises to react in appropriate ways to a variety of situations. Often teachers use improvisation techniques as a way to build social skills  and increase confidence in class. The children can use their classes to experiment safety and under expert guidance in small groups and learn to produce wonderful work.

The great news is lots of schools encourage performances in theatres and this is a great way to accentuate team play and opportunities to put into practise the skills they learn in class.

If you are looking for an opportunity to increase your child's confidence then we can help you find a children's class or part time school for your kids.  Please use our search facility at the top of this page, here you can search for a school or class near you, if you are looking for specific information and cannot find what you are looking for please do contact us.

Our Children’s section hopes to give you  everything from finding the perfect class, to helpful tips on blocking a scene, how to get an agent and how drama can help your child to grow.

With drama being cut from many schools timetables it is even more important to find outside classes and resources to help your child maximise their opportunities and grow in confidence, the  skills learnt in the classroom are applicable right through childhood and into adulthood.

Whether they choose to become actors, sales assistants or the next Prime Minister you can be sure their experiences at their local drama  will be invaluable.

Many of our schools provide one to one coaching for exams and GCSE and A level. 

 By giving your child the opportunity to increase in confidence you will be giving them the best possible start in life!