Drama and Dance School Production Photographer

Blag Youth Theatre Summer school - Marcus Jamieson-Pond PhotographyDrama and Dance School Production Photographer

Need a photographer to capture your show and/or rehearsals?

www.jampondphotography.com works sympathetically alongside your cast to create a memorable record of all your hard work.

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Jampondphotography.com is is Marcus Jamieson-Pond , who is now into his fifth decade as a photographer, having started on his 7th birthday when his Grandfather gave him a Kodak 127 Brownie.  With only 12 photos on a roll of film, he soon learnt the fundamentals of composition.

Photography has remained a passion and has been his hobby throughout a life spent working in senior management roles in busy city organisations.

Blag Youth Theatre Summer school - Marcus Jamieson-Pond Photography

As well as recording his family history, he has recently been asked to work alongside Blag Youth Theatre and a number of bands to record their performances, as well as capturing speakers at events, and working with individuals to create a perfect portrait. He can also be found wandering the streets observing living history. 

Increasingly, with the advent of cameras on smart phones, opportunities to freeze moments in time are now available to everyone.   Marcus believes that such a democratisation of the art is a positive step and can often be found pointing his phone at cats and celebs he comes across on his travels, and of course posting those on Instagram. 

Blag Youth Theatre Summer school - Marcus Jamieson-Pond Photography


Drama and Dance School Production Photographer Call 07525 823 006

If you need someone to record your experience, who will work sympathetically and unobtrusively with you and your performers, friends and family, do get in touch.  

He can work on a day rate (if you want to give your photos away through Snapfish) and is happy to agree a price for an assignment - which will include touched up prints and digital copies provided on a memory stick or CD-ROM.  He is based in Watford and can travel to your location.

Marcus holds an Enhanced DBS check and will also arrange model release forms where necessary.

Examples of his work can be found on the website www.jampondphotography.com. Contact him on 07525 823 006 or Marcus@jampondphotography.com