Drama Classes for Children (weekend and after school classes)

Part time drama classes for kids can help your child develop both socially and emotionally.

Enroling your child in an after school drama club can make a huge difference to your child’s social skills.

  • Can Drama Classes really boost your child's confidence?

Lack of confidence is common in young children and parents often worry whether there is anything they can do to improve their child’s confidence and boost their self esteem. Developing social skills is an important part of growing up, and if a child is finding it tough to make friends, it can hinder the social learning process. Children who are lacking in confidence can often find that taking regular weekly drama classes at their local Performing arts school can do an enormous amount to improve this.

Role play is often used in classes and by using social situations children can often discover the best way to interact and react in social situations. Part time acting classes for children  and drama workshops help to create a safe and fun environment where children are free to explore different situations and learn about interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds. The safe and friendly atmosphere, created by experienced teachers, can help insecure children develop their self confidence.

Drama games can also play an important part of building social, listening and creative skills all of which help children to improve and grow in confidence. By being part of a part time school children will learn to become part of a team and start to gain trust amongst their fellow class mates.

Pass the Noise - a great ice breaker.

Taking part in theatre productions either in the class room at school or on a stage is not only exciting but another great way to boost a youngster’s self esteem, the sheer excitement of performing in front of family and friends leaves them feeling six foot tall and usually surfing amongst the stars. To say nothing of the confidence boost it gives them.

The benefits of drama and performing arts lessons are taken into later life by many children and they grow into self assured adults.
Having the confidence to stand up in front of their peers is not only valuable for children but also as adults. Whether it is in the classroom or the boardroom you can be sure that the time spent participating in the performing arts will certainly shine through.
Finding a drama class for your child is now easy with the help of the internet. Use our search at the top of the page to find your nearest one. Try our search to find a school near you.

Lynn Beaumont