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Drama Workshops For Schools - FUN AND BRAINS

Dramaclasses.biz is dedicated to promoting 'Drama' to children and adults, Fun and Brains is a drama based workshop for children, teenagers or your teaching staff. It is Ideal for extra activity days, team building or Inset Days. During the workshop participants will be able to learn the skills that give thousands of actors the confidence to take centre stage.

Fun and Brains Improvidation WorkshopsCommunication is the most important skill anyone can have. Having the ability to communicate with your friends, parents , teachers or colleagues is essential. Unfortunately many people find it very hard to do and sadly this can demotivate staff, teachers and pupils and lead to misunderstood parents and children.  The good news is that there are many ways to correct this and Fun and Brains is a great starting point.

Improvisation has been recognised over the years to be an integral part of company training. The games instil confidence and give the brain a workout that leads to quick thinking and more often than not a jolly good laugh . By exercising the mind, you quickly develop listening, memory and creative skills, enabling you to think on your feet and always have something to say.

If you are looking for something a little different and a lot of fun for your Staff or your Pupils then “Fun and Brains” interactive team building is just the thing.

Participants are put into teams and are taught a variety of improvisation games that illustrate techniques for listening, memory and observation. The games open the mind to  creativity which then creates a much more energetic and enthusiastic individual. The session culminates in a play off between all the teams, with points being awarded for Creativity, Listening, Memory, interaction, entertainment and most importantly knowing when to shut up!Dramaclasses Drama workshops for schools and businesses

Fun and Brains has been used effectively within Schools and businesses. Workshops can be tailor made to accommodate any number of participants and are available anywhere in the UK.

If you would like Dramaclasses.biz to bring 'Fun and Brains' to your school or work place please do give us a call on 01923 721109 and we will be pleased to give you a quote and of course more information.


St Joan of Arc School Rickmansworth

The workshops that Richard and Lynn have run have been incredibly well organised and engaging. Our students have benefited tremendously. We would highly recommend them as providers of entertainment and education within the curriculum.

Alison Foster
Head of Learning Support.

Bromham House School

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much again for a very successful day.
See you next year!

Bromham House

Barclays Bank

"Yesterday's session went extremely well, exceeding mine and the Team's expectations. Nerves were (mostly) dealt with very early on by Richard and everyone was relaxed and expressed themselves. Lots of laughter, creativity, teamwork (hooray!) and very positive feedback from the Team afterwards. I'd thoroughly recommend the session to other teams".

Eliot Diskin from Barcap Legal (LDN) had this feedback on their session.

Reflect Drama Workshops in Wimbledon and in Hammersmith

All Reflect Productions’ Drama Workshops are extremely inclusive and can involve students with special learning/care requirements. shakespeare for childrenIn our theatre in education workshops, Reflect practitioners use drama as a very useful tool in enhancing self-confidence and improving communication skills. For more information please click HERE

We also run drama clubs for kids in Wimbledon and in Hammersmith.