Audition Scripts

Thinking about Auditioning for Drama School?

If you are thinking about auditioning for drama school you will need to think carefully about the sort of pieces that you would like to perform at the  auditions. Your shakespeare will more than lightly come from a list suggested by the  schools. Do try to choose something that is around your playing age and keep away from accents unless you are brilliant at them! Research well, make notes on the script about what you are saying and thinking and your characters objective, what your character wants and by the end of the piece do they get it ? And ensure you read the play, so you can talk intelligently about the writers work.

  • Do You need a monologue for an audition?
  • Below are some suggestions that have been used by students.
  • Remember to read the full play and learn the piece thoroughly that way your nerves won't get the better of you on the day.
  • Do you need a monologue for television or film?
  • Are you looking for an agent?

My Mother Said I never Should by Charlotte Keatley. Suitable 30 plus

Scene 5:

Character Jackie.

Monologue starts.... How dare You! (Goes to hit Rosie, but cannot.)
Ends...I could give you everything now Rosie.

Scene 7:

Character Doris: 

(Flash Back wearing 1920's dress)
Monologue starts: Mother! Mother? Mother!
Ends...I suppose really and truly this is the beginning of my life.

Shakers by John Godber Suitable for 14 plus

Character Nikki.

Monologue starts...It is something I put together My self Ends...She just Smiled.

Vincent River By Phillip Ridley Suitable for 30 plus.

Character Anita

Monologue starts: One Day I went to work...
Ends...Penny dropped yet?

Like a Virgin By Gordan Steel Suitable 14 plus

Character Angela

Monologue starts: No you go.....
Ends... Slap me, Go on, Go on do something,

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek By Naomi Wallace- American Suitable 16 plus.

Character Pace

Monologue starts:
You were wrong the other day...
Ends...  Two blocks, and maybe if I could fit the pieces back together again he'd be. Whole.

The Power Of The Dog By Ellen Dryden Suitable 16 plus

Character Vivien

Monologue starts: Yes all right. I am-hurt.
Ends...  I've been pushing the really dangerous drugs haven't I?

Character Liza

Monologue starts: Nah! She don't like schools...
Ends... And I've got no right to criticize them.

Henna Night by Any Rossenthall.16 plus.

This is a one act play and both characters dialogue can work as a solo piece.

All over the UK there are performing Arts libraries, ring your local one to find out where your nearest is. These libraries have a wealth of material for auditions for drama schools making choosing an appropriate piece.  


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