Drama Schools Directory

Drama Schools Directory

Dramaclasses.biz is now incorprating online classes in the Directory. You can now access ANY school anywhere in the world and learn from a much wider range of teachers. Wherever you are in the world there will be an online acting class, or an online performing arts class to suit you. Please use our advanced search to find an online acting class.

DramaClasses.biz is a directory of drama schools, summer schools, summer camps, Performing Arts schools, singing classes, dance classes and drama classes plus drama resources. You will find your local drama school Performing Arts School or college, drama course or a drama class by using our home page search box. You can visit a schools microsite to find out more about that particular school, for an example please see Cambridge Stagecoach

It is proven that children who do drama and performing Arts, that by taking drama classes, singing classes and dance at their local Drama/ Performing Arts school from a young age improve confidence, public speaking, confrontation management, gain social skills and have a great time taking PERFORMING ARTS classes at their Drama school/ Performing Arts School. 

Dramaclasses.biz Directory of Performing Arts Schools

Acting skills are useful to all ages as it helps with social development and builds confidence in children and in adults. 

Drama schools in the UK and Ireland vary tremendously, if you are looking for a children’s drama class, singing class, dance class in England or a Drama/ Performing school or a summer school, or summer camp in England, Scotland or Ireland ,a drama school for students to hone their acting skills or, a short drama course for professional actors just type in your postcode or town to find your nearest drama school or drama class in the town of your choice. 

Find out how drama classes can help your child

You will find our directory of drama schools / Performing Arts Schools that provide drama classes, the idea is you will be able to search for an acting class, a singing class or in some cases a dance class in your local area.   

There are now many after school drama clubs and drama classes which are geared towards performing plus Saturday drama schools and evening drama classes where you can learn acting skills or singing skills or dance skills, also there are drama courses that are held over a number of weekends.

Summer schools and summer camps are big business in the school holidays and offer a safe creative envioroment for your child to try new skills and make new friends. Children’s drama classes at drama schools are available on a full or part time basis.

Parents can find a local drama school/Performing Arts School that will give their child, or children these valuable skills that can really improve their time at school and help them interact with other pupils, teachers and parents. 

There is a growing need for non professional adult drama classes, acting can be taught in small groups or larger classes. Learning different acting styles is an exciting thing to do for any performer and now with Saturday classes in acting it is possible to do so.

Adult drama classes can help you build confidence and enhance your presentation skills with so many drama schools offering drama classes you no longer need to fear standing up in front of your colleagues and speaking, just a few improvisation drama classes can turn your nerves around. You might even be inspired to take part in an amateur theatre production in your local village or town hall.  

Before deciding on your chosen drama school do compare drama courses and drama class content, what acting actually takes place, is it theory or are you able to get up and take part in acting games and acting exercises.  The choice of schools is huge and varies considerably. Which is why we provide an excellent drama school directory specifically for drama classes, though some schools on our directory do offer singing, dance and drama.

Drama schools offer a variety of different disciplines, musical theatre classes where you can learn singing, drama and dance, straight acting lessons, combat courses, and technical drama courses are just a few that are on offer. For professional actors or students there are sight reading, camera technique acting for theatre, acting for film and television and drama school audition technique. Intensive screen acting courses and even a course in voice over specifics.

On dramaclasses you can view each drama school via it's microsite. These mini webpages carry information on drama classes in your area or if you prefer you can click straight through to the drama schools website to find more information on their drama courses.

The microsite aims to give you as much information as possible, you will be able to see what classes they offer and where. Some schools hire church halls, where others teach in both independent and state schools, whilst a minority are lucky enough to own their own premises.

We have a huge range of drama and acting schools and unlike other directories we are experts in drama. We have over 30 years experience and really know our onions!

There are now literally hundreds of drama schools in the UK each offering different classes, we are pleased to offer you drama schools in Scotland, drama schools in Brighton, drama schools in Wales, drama schools in Bristol, every county in the Uk will have an excellent selection of drama schools. We are gradually building our resources and our aim is to offer a superb choice of acting facilitators for everyone's needs.  The great news is you can be sure to find your perfect drama class, singing class or dance class. 

Find your nearest drama school

So whether you are looking for drama activities for children, a London drama school, a drama degree course,a drama school for students, a holiday drama workshop or adult drama class to boost your confidence or even a drama school for the under fives, here at drama classes you will find your perfect drama school and if you can’t then we will find it for you at no cost.

Acting is big big business, now more than ever we live in world of celebrity, so acting classes are the place to start. Children can start acting class as young as just a few months old, there are now drama facilitators who specialize in the under fives, of course they are not there to create actors but help to make the children confident, giving them the social skills that will ensure a bright future whatever they choose to do in later life.

Finding your local drama class has never been easier.

Dramaclasses.biz is the one stop shop for all your drama requirements. Help us spread the word of drama classes by telling a friend with our 'Tell a friend' email facility, together we can make this the only place to find an excellent drama school.