How to survive being an out of work Actor

How to survive being an out of work actor!

Being an Actor is the best job in the world but how do you survive being an out of work Actor???

My top ten tips for being an out of work actor.

1: Don't be tempted to stay in bed, it may seem like a good idea but it is NOT productive!

2: Exercise- Get to the gym, get moving it will make you feel sooo much better.

3: Brain storm ideas with like minded actors. Even if you do nothing after it, it feels productive!

4: Write to contacts, search out castings, apply for everything suitable, chat to your agent if you have one, if not start writing!!! Find out when the next surviving actors event is.

5: Think about creating your own work. Write your own stuff!!! Any space can be a performance space. Check out Theatre in the pound if you are London based. It is a chance to showcase your own writing , rent the space for £1.00 a minute for 15 minutes. Search out Scratch Nights in your local area.

6: Join an impro class, or get your actor friends together and create a class. Laughter is gonna make you feel great and impro skills are important for every actor!

7: Find part time work that is flexible and fun! Promotional work can be sociable, there are lots of young start up companies who make sure their staff enjoy not only the work but a social too. Ask your other actor friends or get social on BAN Facebook Page.

8: Read plays, read positive books like the secret, keep learning and keep working on yourself as a person.

9: Be ready, fit, healthy and the best possible you, so when that casting comes along you can go in there and nail it!!!

10: Never give up!!!