Interactive Team Building Activity





Companies looking for a new and innovative approach to training will be able to learn the skills that give thousands of actors the confidence to take centre stage.

Communication is the most important skill any member of staff can have. With it comes success, without it, failure. Many businesses are finding that it is their biggest failure. It is quite likely everyone is doing their job but without communication no one is aware of it, this in turn leads to
de-motivated staff which means reduced productivity. If we were to improve our communicating skills the work place would be much brighter and people staff and customers would be much happier.

Improvisation has been recognised over the years to be an integral part of company training. The games instil confidence and give the brain a workout that leads to quick thinking and increased creativity. By exercising the mind, you quickly develop listening, memory and creative skills, enabling you to think on your feet and always have something to say.

If you are looking for something a little different and a lot of fun for your employees then “TRAINING WAYS” premier course: “Interactive team building” is just the thing.

Delegates are put into teams and are taught several improvisation games that illustrate techniques for listening, memory and observation. The games open the mind to creativity which then enables a much more energetic and enthusiastic individual. The session culminates in a play off between all the teams, with points being awarded for Creativity, Listening, Memory, interaction, entertainment and most importantly knowing when to shut up!

For further information on how can add to your company assets contact: Richard or Lynn Beaumont on: 01 923 721109

Eliot Diskin from Barcap Legal (LDN) had this feedback on their session.
"Yesterday's 3 hour session went extremely well, exceeding mine and the Team's expectations. Nerves were (mostly) dealt with very early on by Richard and everyone was relaxed and expressed themselves. Lots of laughter, creativity, teamwork (hooray!) and very positive feedback from the Team afterwards. I'd thoroughly recommend the session to other teams".

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To be able to take centre stage and have the confidence to react in the most appropriate way. To listen twice as much as you talk. To focus on getting the best out of your people by good communication.


The games are structured around three of the five senses, looking, listening and touching. There is a strong focus on creativity, memory, interaction and energy.


By developing the above skills it enables delegates to deal effectively with customers and colleagues alike. Communicating well within the work place increases productivity and improves staff relations.

The course provides an opportunity for team building and competitiveness often with hilarious consequences, a chance to laugh with others as you try to conquer the skills usually only privy to actors and comedians.

Communication increases staff awareness in turn leads to better service a happier working environment with opportunity for growth.

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