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Millie Bobby Brown’s Acting Success Certainly Isn’t A Mystery!

You likely know her as one of the breakout stars of Netflix’s recent hit sci-fi/ horror TV show Stranger Things, but that was just the latest project in this young stars already impressive resume. At just 13 years old Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most famous young actors around today and despite her young age, she is already building a large fan base.

But how did her journey into acting begin? And where could it go from here? Well let’s take a look back and see how she started her journey into acting.

Early Life

It seems odds using “early life” as a subheading, considering Millie Bobby Brown is only 13 years old, but she’s certainly done a lot in those 13 years. Born in Marbella, Spain in February 2004 to English parents Millie had an ordinary childhood, and her parents later moved back to England in 2008 and then to Orlando, Florida in 2011.

After moving to Orlando Millie began attending acting workshops on Saturdays, simply to pass the time. It was during one of these workshops in 2013 that she was spotted by a talent scout who reportedly told her parents, “she has instincts you cannot teach”, a strong endorsement to be sure but one that certainly proved to be accurate.

The Road To Stranger Things!

Taking the advice of the talent scout Millie’s parents headed Los Angeles to meet with talent agencies and where offered representation by them all! And in just three months Millie was offered her fist acting role in ABC’s Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Ironically this sounds like a Hollywood story in its own right doesn’t it? But it all really happened!

It just goes to show that simply attending some acting workshops can make it all happen. After staring in four episodes of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Millie took it slow for the next couple of years, appearing in other TV shows like: Intruders, NCIS, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy usually in one episode roles.

However, while she was indeed building a respectable career as a young actress, her breakout role was still to come. In 2016 the streaming service Netflix released its exclusive sci-fi/ horror TV show Stranger Things and Millie Bobby Brown was soon one of the most famous child actors in the world.

Stranger Things and Beyond

For her portrayal of Eleven, one of the shows main characters, she received universal acclaim with the Telegraph saying she was “the star of the show”. She was also nominated for many awards for her portrayal and won a Screen Actors Guild Award. She also quickly built up a vocal fan base online and is due to return in the second series of Stranger Things in 2017.

She also appeared in the music video for Sigma and Birdy's single "Find Me" and earlier this year she made her modelling debut for Calvin Klein and signed to IMG Models. She is also due to make her movie debut in Godzilla King of Monsters in 2019. Although it wouldn’t surprise us to see her appear in a movie sooner.

Millie Bobby Brown is undoubtedly one of the most popular and famous child actors today and with Stranger Things second series still to come later this year her star looks set to keep rising. It just goes to show that strange things really can happen and for the better!


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