Actor succeeds in creating own project

Pebbles Written By Bebe Sanders, Directed by Max Harrison, Starring Bebe Sanders and Charlotte Beaumont.

"Do you ever feel lonely?"
"You do. I do. I reckon everyone knows loneliness like that."

PebblesJoanie can't be near people. A rare and dangerous illness makes her a threat to everyone she meets. So for her safety, and the safety of the entire world, she has been sent far away to an unoccupied planet on the outer reaches of space. Isolation was supposed to be a good thing, but after endless hours of solitude, Joanie is forced to confront something far worse than her illness - herself. Can she survive out here alone? Can she find a way to contact Earth? And, perhaps most importantly, is she really alone at all? An entertaining space exploration of friendship and loneliness.

Lidless is excited to take on Bebe Sanders' new writing PEBBLES and welcome Charlotte Beaumont to the company. PEBBLES will be premiering at The Katzspace in London Bridge from the 22nd to the 25th October.

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