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Brush up you performance skills with W1Workshops in London

W1WORKSHOPS are the leading performance workshop company in London, offering regular and varied classes with no annual or termly sign-up fees.
We provide top-level professional performance training, giving you the opportunity to exercise your skills as and when you feel you need it. For some students these are one-off workshops, for others it’s an ongoing and personal process.
W1 caters for you as an actor wherever you are at on your journey, we work with actors who are currently in shows wanting to brush up on other skills, those who have left drama school and feel like they want a support network and to continue their training and those who have been out of the industry for a while wanting to dip their toe back in.
W1 attendees have found a great network of inspiration and support through our courses through the tutors and each other.
Wherever you are at, we get to you know you as an individual and cater for you!
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