How to help your child overcome shyness.

Can Acting classes help your child overcome shyness?

It is always great to hear how actors started out in show business. Andrew Scott who recently played the ‘Priest’ in Phoebe Waller –Bridge’s massively successfully ‘Fleabag’ told the ‘ES’ magazine recently that he originally took acting classes to combat his shyness. He hadn’t expected to enjoy the experience, however, not only did he love it but he has gone on to have a brilliant career.

So what about children who don’t aspire to be actors but our struggling with shyness and social issues, could enrolling your child in a local Acting class help then to become more self confident and socially able?

The answer I feel is defiantly yes, acting classes teach important social skills and help children develop in a warm and friendly, non judgemental environment. Using drama games and improvisation techniques children get to explore their creativity, they start discover their own voice and that in turn leads to increasing their confidence.

In a drama class children get the chance to perform in front of each other and even the shyest of children will eventually find this a positive experience. In a class they make friends and start to work together creating fun scenarios, by working in small groups they feel safe and their skills can flourish.

Mental heath problems among young teenagers is another area that can be helped by joining a local class too, providing the teacher is made aware and can offer support in class. It is important not to pressurise children to do things that may cause them anxiety. I personally have taught many children over the years that have experienced anxiety and by ensuring that they feel supported and understood, in a safe environment, I have seen them thrive in class.

Finding a local class is easy with just use our search engine to find a school near you and if, you can’t find what you are looking for, or you need some advise and help just get in touch. We would be more than happy to help.

I believe all children should have access to drama at school or after school, however with funding cuts it appears less often on the timetable in some schools.

Finding a local drama class could be the answer for your child.


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