Auditioning for drama school

Auditioning for Drama School in 2020

Auditioning for a Drama school can be a daunting prospect for the would be actor.

Here we aim to help you understand the process of auditioning for Drama School and what you can expect once you have applied to your chosen acting school.

An audition for Drama School is probably a step towards your dream of being actor so how do you go about getting one?

So you should now have a good idea of where you would like to train but how can you give yourself the best chance of getting in to drama school?

Read prospectus thoroughly and digest entry requirements make notes.
It is usual to have to perform two contrasting pieces of approximately two minutes each. But ensure you have several pieces fully prepared just in case you need a back up.
If there is a recommended list for shakespeare, research the pieces carefully to make sure the character you choose suits you, lazy preparation could be your downfall and lose you the opportunity to go to drama school.
Schools are looking for potential, so even though your technique doesn't need to be perfect you do need to spend a healthy amount of time working on your pieces and preparing for success.
Ask your current drama teacher for help, if you do not attend a drama class ask your English/drama teacher at school.
When choosing a modern piece for drama school think carefully about how you would like to be seen, in what casting light.
Practice your pieces so you know them inside out, remember you will be nervous on the day, so you need to be completely safe with your words.
Warm up before the audition by doing some breathing and vocal excises, please see our vocal exercises for actors.
Make notes about previous experience, so if asked you can talk confidently about it. Whatever you have done that is relevant is important, big it up, be proud of your achievements.
And finally enjoy the experience.

Here are some more tips from an artcle in The Guardian

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