Film your story for Roundabout-A Story


Two weeks ago Roundabout-A-Story was launched with the intention of creating a bank of stories for children and their families to share at this difficult time.

Our patron Tanya Moodie donated the first story ‘The Origin of the Gods’ and we are asking for actors and storytellers to read or make up a story and record yourself on your phone or laptop.

If possible both video and sound. Then donate the story for us to share. Because we don’t want to have any problems with copyright we ask that you stick to fairytales/myths/legends unless you have permission from the author.

Also that no illustrations from books are shared.

Though you are very welcome to include props/puppets/costumes if you wish. For more information and story resources please follow the links from our website here

Please do share this with fellow actors. Thank you from Roundabout.


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