Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank Romeo and Juliet watch online at The Globe

Watch Romeo and Juliet online 


Romeo and Juliet at The Globe provided thousands of school children with free tickets to  this wonderful production.

The production was performed in March at London’s Globe Theatre however the good news is, is that you can still watch this production online.

The production was directed by Michael Oakley and sponsored by Deutsche Bank and gave children an excellent opportunity to experience live theatre, some for the first time.

The play which had been reduced to  90 minutes was aimed at engaging the children and keeping them fully involved.

The party scene encompassed a fabulous dance routine which included some of the most up to date teenage dance steps.

The tragic story of the young lovers is energetic and engaging and the pure engergy of production translates to the screen incredibly well/

This invigorating performance will, I am sure, encourage debate in the classroom.

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank performances are created for young people and designed to support your teaching of English in the UK National Curriculum at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 as well as being suitable for those teaching international curricula.


Watch it now.


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