Children's castings

Children's Theatre castings -  at Jo Hawes Castings

Gavroche for the Les Mis Tour.   Under 4 7, unbroken voice, about 11, can live anywhere, great singing, a tough, but likeable, cheeky street urchin.      We are especially looking for boys from Liverpool and Dublin. 

Cosette and Eponine for the Les Mis Tour - to play locally in their hometown (within a 30 mile commute).    Under 4 foot 4, about 7/8, vulnerable, sweet soprano voice. 

Liverpool - Opening January 2022 
Dublin - Opening February 2022 
Southampton - Opening March 2022 
Salford - Opening March 2022 
Milton Keynes - Opening April 2022 

Young Donny Osmond for The Osmonds UK Tour.  About 7, very small, good singing, auditions on Friday.  Can come from anywhere in the UK.  Rehearse January 4th 2022.  Auditions this Friday.

Anne Frank for Fantastically Great Women Who Have Changed The World.  Must be local to Chichester, Liverpool, Southampton.    She must be 13 - 15, preferably dark haired, not cute - she has been through a lot at the hands of the Nazis, under 4 foot 5.   Auditions next Monday.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Tour - casting soon - London based only under 4 7, over 9, good singing and dancing.     Rehearsing late January.   There is no choir in this production - children are featured and play parts.

Mary Poppins London - Jane and Michael Banks - auditions soon - Jane is between 4‘6 &  4'10, Michael is under 4 foot 8.   All must be over 9.        Out of London children are accommodated in the Mary Poppins flat.

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