Get creative with new classes in 2022

Classes for everyone

As a New Year dawns we all tend to think about booking a new club or activity for our children but what about us, the adults, shouldn’t we think about stretching our creative muscles a bit?

After all, everyone deserves to ret something new, step outside their comfort zone, take a step into the unknown!

So what exactly is on offer for the amateur actor, lover of the Arts?

This year you could try your hand at Improvisation, public Speaking, singing classes, musical theatre classes, writing the book that is definitely in you, or perhaps starring in local production.

Whatever you fancy there will be a class either in person or now, one of the good things to come out of Covid, online!

So why Improvisation?

Improvisation flexes those creative muscles, gives the brain a darn good workout, creates lots of laughter, and is also a great way to meet new people.

Check out these links to find a class.

Public speaking classes

A free Google course

Singing classes

Musical Theatre Classes

How to write a book

Amateur theatre companies

Wishing you a brilliant New Year with lots of creativity for you and your children.





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