Adventures in I Don’t Know

Adventures in I Don’t Know would like to invite you to join us for a special gathering of curious and interesting people. Here’s a thought…

‘Are you always right?’

Come and have a wonder…

  • The time -

December 1st 6-8pm
The place -
110-114 Grafton Road
020 7284 7320

Adventures in I Don’t Know combines the tradition of philosophical inquiry with creative improv and play. Our aim is support a culture of genuine exploration, open dialogue and meaningful reflection. It’s also fun!

We sit with uncertainty a little longer than a typical day would normally allow in order to go beyond our instinctive need to come up with immediate and complete answers. Here we ponder together and discover more about our own and each other’s thinking. We literally bring thinking to life.

The scope for Adventures in I Don't Know is pretty broad. Our work creates value and impact within creative environments as well as educational and corporate ones. So we are always interested in finding new people and places that can benefit from what we do. We’d love to see you. And if you can’t be there but you know a fellow curious mind…feel free to pass on the invitation.



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