Jigsaw Arts Management is holding an Agency Workshop for their current students

May agency workshop for Jigsaw Arts students

Save the date for our Agency Workshop in May 2023!

Jigsaw Arts Management is holding an Agency Workshop on Tuesday 30th May 2023 for their students interested in the world of TV, Film and Theatre. JAM is our theatrical agency, representing children and young people from Jigsaw Performing Arts schools. Giving their students the chance to audition for professional work, using the strong links between Jigsaw and the performing arts industry.

The children will take part in 3 different workshops across the day…

Led by Simon, a Musical Theatre performer currently starring in the immersive production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ at The Bridge Theatre. The students will learn some challenging but fun routines and share them back in smaller groups – a real chance to show us what you can do!

The children will take part in 2 drama workshops. One being a skill building drama session, looking at short scripts in small groups. The other being an audition specific workshop, providing tricks and tips to help children during auditions and when filming self-tapes at home. These sessions will be led by Abbie, an actress with an enormous CV and lots of voice over credits too!

Melissa, one of the superb singing teachers and Franchisees from the Jigsaw network, will teach small sections from a few contrasting musicals and provide opportunities for children to sing solos (if they want to!) and really show off their skills.

In the last 45 minutes of the Agency Workshop day, parents and carers will be invited back to a presentation by our agent, Emily, about the industry, expectations and next steps for those interested in applying to join. There will be a short questions and answer session before the end of the day.

If you are a Jigsaw student and would like more information on how to apply head over to The Jigsaw website.


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