Performing Arts Schools

Why Performing Arts are so important to society.

The skills learnt at a Performing Arts School or College are hugely beneficial to all ages. There are a large amountt of Performing Arts Schools all over the UK. The core performing arts subjects include Singing, dancing and drama and these help to stimulate the creative imagination, improve vocal and movement skills resulting in better vocal dexterity, physical fitness and a sharper mind.

Performing from a young age builds confidence and presentation skills and the performing arts skills learnt in class are then transferable to adulthood.
Most jobs rely on some form of performance, whether that is in an interview situation where you may be asked to do a presentation, in an office answering the phone or on the shop floor, all of these examples benefit from having attended a performing arts school. There are so many jobs that use the skills learnt in your local acting class, from lawyers to estate agents to running your own business; therefore it is not surprising that many schools offer performing arts at GCSE and A level.

The Arts have long been proved to be helpful in the health service too with Dance classes having a positive effect for those with Dyslexia and other co ordination problems, the arts also help with a wide range of social issues, it can help relieve stress, criticism and mange emotions.

Role play is often used in the health service and in the work place, to grow awareness of confrontational issues. Drama schools use the performing arts to highlight drug problems, bullying and other social problems.

Using the arts to develop socially is great for all ages and more and more performing arts schools offer in school programmes. Businesses also benefit from performing arts workshop to develop team play amongst colleagues.

For those who are more interested in the Arts as a career move there are a large number of performing arts colleges all over the UK. Each college offers a variety of courses from Acting, Directing, Stage management, Dance and singing.

The competition for a place at a top Performing Arts College is huge and each year hundreds of hopefuls apply to the top colleges, however there are few places and the competition is fierce.

  • Top six Performing Arts Colleges in London

Top Six schools in London

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts | London


Mountview Academy of Theater Arts | London


Royal Academy of Dramatic Art | London


Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts | London

Central School of Speech and Drama | London

Guildhall School of Music & Drama | London

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