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Blag Youth Theatre Summer Project Update...

Blag Youth Theatre Summer Project Update...

Unfortunately, for the first time in 23 years, we're going to have to cancel this year's Online Summer Project due to insufficient numbers.
We do of course understand children are zoomed out and now restrictions are lifted many are understandably keen to get away.

Last week new guidelines for face to face summer schools were announced but these were very much in line with Boris's original lockdown mandate…

"You can sing but can't sing, mustn't dance but if you want to, you can but don't sing AND dance, if you need to sing, sing to a wall but don't look at it, if you have to dance, you can breathe in but don't breathe out. Keep two metres away from everyone but if you can't do that, just do one metre, unless you're having your nails done. You can rehearse for a live performance but can't do a live performance in front of more than ten people unless you go into London and perform it in front of 10,000 people, crammed together, on a march. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, if you are wearing a mask, make sure it's a pretty one…"

It's all just too confusing for all involved and the guidelines are changing for different venues daily.

Soooo, we think the fairest, and safest, thing for all, is to just call our shot and concentrate on our September 5th 'Face-2-Face' re-start back at our halls. (Bring a Hula-Hoop!)

Our Saturday Zoom sessions will continue until: Saturday 25th July.

If we don’t see you before, have a lovely summer.

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