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Blag Youth Summer school in Rickamnsworth is a huge success

 Blag Youth in Rickmansworth put on a fantastic summer school production at The Elgiva Theatre Chesham

Blag Youth Theatre in Rickmansworth has been running summer projects for over 26 years and this year was no exception.

The excitement that is generated by the children each year in anticipation of what lies ahead for them during the two weeks is incredible.

The 58 strong cast don't know what part they will be playing till the first day of the project. The script, which is specially written for the youth by Lynn and her late husband Richard Beaumont, ensures a speaking role for ALL children, no happy clappers at Blag. Everyone has a chance to shine!

Once the children have their scripts they have just two weeks to learn their words and all the songs!

The script is 98 pages long so this project isn't for the flaky!

Incredibly by the end of week 1 most children know the words and moves and by the second week, the excitement is building to show day!

The Blag project is unique, they don't use book shows so everyone gets a chance to shine.

The Blag team of teachers are all ex-Blaggers so they are also immersed in the excitement and dedicated to producing an amazing show.

Blag is a family and has over the years been expanding that family over many generations.

If you would like to join our family please do get in touch, on 07730 572714 or send us an email

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