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Creating healthy habits in the young

Razzamataz Water BottlesRazzamtaz new Water Bottle.

We all know that we should be drinking more water and eating more fruit and vegetables but sometimes it is difficult to get that message out to children when there are so many unhealthy temptations surrounding them daily.

A big part of the Razzamataz ethos is to instil good habits in children by encouraging them to have fun whilst getting fit. Through dance, drama and singing, Razzamataz has been inspiring children to be as active as possible.

To support this healthy initiative, Razzamataz has just launched its own water bottle to help children learn how much water to drink daily. There’s useful line markings reminding them to keep drinking and how much their daily water intake should be. The visual reminder is a very easy way for children to learn what the correct amount of water that should be consumed each day is and they can see how close they are and if they have reached their target.

“Creating healthy habits in the young is the best start that parents can give children,” says Sophie Atkins, Principal of Razzamataz. “We all
know that it is not easy to always make the right choices in terms of food and drink but when the children see their peers using their water bottles, hopefully it will inspire them to use it also.”

Water Bottle chart on new bottleAll the children that attend Razzamataz participate in dance, acting and singing classes.

There are also classes especially for pre-schoolers as well as parties for children looking to add a bit of Razz to their birthdays!

“Whatever stage a child is at, we believe it is important that they can be at their most active,” adds Sophie.

“In order for them to get the most out of their classes and all the performance opportunities available, it is important that they support the physical side of their work with a healthy and balanced diet. It’s all about moderation and understanding what we put into our bodies to get the best out of them.”

Razzamataz offers a wide range of performing arts styles for youngsters age 2-18 including current trends that are accessible to children and teenagers. Classes consist of dance, drama and singing and the curriculum covers the whole of the performing arts, from classic West End musical theatre to street dance, pop singing and acting for camera.

From the physical effects to the emotional, performance skills have been cited as giving increased confidence and even enabling children to be better learners. “Performing arts teaches so much more than just how to wow people on stage,” explains Sophie. “It instils commitment, teamwork, dedication and a strong can-do attitude. It’s very rewarding to see our students progress and grow in confidence.”

Razzamataz is proud to offer many opportunities for students. Some of the most recent ones include free masterclasses with Carl Tracy, Thomas Inge and Cassie Clare along with lots of performance opportunites.

New for this year, Razzamataz is excited to be able to announce a free Matilda the Musical Masterclass with current west end star and Razzamataz Graduate Peter Reid! Also our very exciting Summer Show is coming up soon...

For more details about Razzamataz and to book a free taster session call Sophie on 07500 837 911, email wimbledon@razzamataz.co.uk or visit www.wimbledon.razzamataz.co.uk

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