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Can participation in the performing arts reduce exam stress?

Anxiety around exams are nothing new but now it seems stress is affecting children younger and younger. Students are constantly tested throughout their school life and the period of time leading up to an exam can be particularly difficult for some.

Parents may feel that the best ways to help their children cope is to reduce the amount of out of school hours activities that they take part in. However, according to tes, during the exam period, it is important to make students aware that they should not be revising 24/7. The article is quoted as saying that parents should encourage them to pursue hobbies they enjoy and adopt a culture of valuing the arts. Comments such as: “Art isn’t useful for your career,” should be challenged to encourage students to think about the benefits they do offer.

Physical exercise is another major benefit to helping children cope with the pressure of exams. According to the NHS inform website, making sure youngsters are active is an effective stress buster. Exercise can help boost energy levels as well as clearing the mind, which will help with revision and the general lead up to exams.

Razzamataz Wimbledon has plenty of experience with young people and has seen many students through the tricky periods of SATS, GCSE’s and A-Levels. Sophie Atkins, Principal of Razzamataz Wimbledon explains: “We definitely notice a difference in students around the lead up to exams. Whether they feel the pressure of achieving the high grades that they are predicted or are really struggling with revision, many will experience some sort of stress during this time. Razzamataz provides them with a safe place where they can let off steam for a few hours, forget about their stresses and focus on something completely different. Drama can help them express their worries or fears, dance will give them a surge of adrenaline and singing releases endorphins in the body which has proved to reduce stress.”

During the Razzamataz sessions, students will participate in dance, drama and singing lessons. All three disciplines contain many elements that can help students learn to manage their own stress levels and anxieties.

“Young people need the opportunity to work through their stress levels and learn how to manage them in a place often outside of both school and home,” adds Sophie. “Exercise, meditation and understanding what is good for the body and mind are all tools that will see them succeed in life in whatever direction they want to take.”

Razzamataz offers a wide range of performing arts styles for youngsters age 2-18 including current trends that are accessible to children and teenagers. Classes consist of dance, drama and singing and the curriculum covers the whole of the performing arts, from classic West End musical theatre to street dance, pop singing and acting for camera.

To find out more about the classes which are held every Saturday at St Cecilia's School, Sutherland Grove SW18 5JR, contact Principal Sophie on Tel: 07500 837 911 Email: wimbledon@razzamataz.co.uk or visit wimbledon.razzamataz.co.uk

Stress busting tips from Razzamataz
* Drama games often include visualisation, which can help students calm
down and detach themselves from what is causing them stress.
* Exercise will help students blow off steam and by starting early, it will
give them good habits for life.
* Singing classes will often focus on breathing exercises, which are a
quick way to calm down and are particularly effective for reducing
anxiety before or even during tests.
* Music is very useful to relieve stress as well as stimulating your mind.
* Positive thinking and belief in yourself will help create better
circumstances in your life. Razzamataz works hard with students to
create a habit of optimism in each and every child, which will see them
through the pressure of exams and life’s up and downs in general.

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