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Why every child is special

Why every child is special

Children come in all shapes and sizes and will look just as different on the outside as they feel on the inside. When it comes to little ones, there should really be no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

For some children and young people, they also have challenges of coping with additional needs. That can be anything from dyslexia, autism or health complications.

Josh, 14, has been with Razzamataz Sheffield for five years. His mum says: “Our son has been attending Razzamataz for some time now and it continues to be a positive experience for him. He has always had a flair for the stage but it is not something that comes easy to him as he lives with severe learning difficulties and autism. I feel that Razzamataz has enabled him to improve on valuable life skills such as his confidence, independence and general social skills, whilst enabling him to do an activity that he really enjoys.”

Josh’s parents worked with the Principal Helen Bell to secure funding for a one to one support for Josh so he could move up to the Inters group. After two years in the group, he no longer requires this one to one and he is a thriving,
happy and confident member of the group. “The support that you are providing Josh with is commendable. Due to him not reading and writing, the only way he learns is to repeat, so sending the tracks home will be really helpful. He is also determined to try his best for you all, as he is very keen for you all to be very impressed with him! I am one very proud parent.”

As a franchise, every Razzamataz school is under strict obligations to adhere to a stringent set of audits to ensure they are as inclusive as possible. This includes: First aid certificates, DBS/PVG certificates for all their team, full
insurance, risk assessments, fire assessments, child protection policies, GDPR policies and thorough staff training and induction.

“We also annually review our safeguarding policy and child protection to keep up with current legislation and best practice,” says Denise Gosney, founder of Razzamataz. “We have a care plan outline that Principals can access as well as safeguarding training before each school opens, and we constantly share best practice and update the whole network to ensure consistency across the schools.”

The care and attention to detail that Razzamataz offer students and their families have led to wonderful student success stories over the years.
Razzamataz is committed to helping as many children as possible to have the chance to enjoy performing arts as Denise says: “We have many students who have additional needs that really flourish with us. It’s quite heartbreaking to meet parents who are genuinely shocked that we welcome their children who have particular needs. The success comes from meeting with parents and talking through each child’s care plan and if necessary we will arrange to meet with their medical professional to get some training. We will do absolutely all we can to ensure each child can enjoy our classes and meet new friends in a safe and caring environment.”

Razzamataz Sheffield often has free taster days where students can come and try out what Razzamataz has to offer. As they are currently working towards their showcase at Sheffield City Hall, the next opportunity to have a go is Saturday 14th September. To secure your child a free session on this date please respond to this email with:
-Your child’s name and DOB
-Your name and contact number
-Your preferred time on a Saturday – morning or afternoon

You can also contact the Razz Team for more information on 07979 189177,
sheffield@razzamataz.co.uk or visit sheffield.razzamtaz.co.uk

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