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Another 'OUTSTANDING' School Inspection report!

On Saturday 15th March 2014, we were visited by Harding Associates, Independent Inspectors, and I would like to congratulate all our students and teaching team as once again, we received what is now our 6th OUTSTANDING accolade in a row: -

MAIN STAGES (for ages 6-18)

An exciting, vibrant and creative school with a passionate Stagecoach Principal.

OUTSTANDING: The Principal and teachers have high expectations of all their students. Overall, taught by expert teachers and absorbed and enjoyed by energetic, happy students. A fun packed afternoon of theatrical experiences. Well done everyone!

EARLY STAGES (for ages 4-6)

AREAS OF STRENGTH: Highly organised by the effective and efficient Principal. Overall, great displays of Stagecoach in action - impressive. Well taught by the teacher who uses her expertise to enthuse, engage and motivate all the students, ably assisted by her helper. Students have an action packed afternoon of fun!

On 12th October 2013 the inspectors noted:

MAIN STAGES (for ages 6-18)

OUTSTANDING: The support given by the Principal allowing teachers to concentrate on their classes. Overall: This well run school provides a very good learning for the three stages. Students have a very enjoyable time and make appropriate progress in all three disciplines.

EARLY STAGES (for ages 4-6)

Areas of Strength: Early Stages are led by an enthusiastic and caring teacher who brings out the best in all her students. Overall: An excellent Early Stages Class which not only reflects good teaching but a very positive ethos set by the Principal. A clear pathway into the Main School engaging the students in the best practices of Stagecoach.

On the 4th May 2013 the inspectors noted:

MAIN STAGES (for ages 6-18)

OUTSTANDING: The teaching of singing is magical. The teacher is a
talented, experienced professional with high expectations. He delivers carefully planned, exciting lessons and students work hard and respond joyfully. Overall: Lessons are taught to a very high standard in ALL areas. This is a very good and creative school. The Principal is a very good leader and there is very good teamwork amongst her staff. Very effective planning to promote creativity in lesson content. Students enjoy the lessons and work hard and respond to the positive environment.

Last year, on 17th November 2012 it was noted:

OUTSTANDING: Strong ethos of positive encouragement and praise within careful discipline. Overall: Improvising is encouraged to give creative interpretation in all areas. Very efficient administration and
organisation by the Principal. A happy ethos and increasing confidence shown by all students during rehearsal sessions.....and previously, on 4th February 2012 it was noted:

OUTSTANDING: The ability of the Drama Teacher to develop the skills of each stage through her encouragement of the students self-confidence. Overall:The school is well run and the teachers are able to ensure that the lessons are both fun and full of craft. Students are full of enthusiasm and the good teaching channels this enthusiasm into very good performance in all disciplines... and in 2011 it was noted:

OUTSTANDING: Singing is taught to an exceptionally high standard . Overall: A very creative and inspirational ethos. Students are very well known. The Principal enables the teachers to promote creativity and deliver very high quality lessons in all 3 disciplines.. Harding Associates.

EARLY STAGES (for ages 4-6)

On 4th May 2013 it was noted:

AREAS OF STRENGTH: Principal works carefully with class teacher to ensure the wellbeing of the students and the class helper is deployed effectively to support students. Teaching is good and students respond happily. Lessons are taught intelligently and are well planned. Students are very well cared for, many are new to school but appear very settled. New students are made to feel welcome. All the requirements of the franchise are met and to a high standard.

On 17th November 2012 it was noted:

AREAS OF STRENGTH: Children settled well and happily in class with good use of props available for students to use.... All elements met well and Principal very efficient. A happy group with many new to class but integrating with increased confidence.

On 4th February 2012 it was noted:

AREAS OF STRENGTH: The teacher and helper work really well together to ensure that all the students participate in the activities. The Early Stages are developing into a cohesive group ready for the Main School. Both teaching and activities are appropriate and well managed. Thanks to the staff, the students enjoy the classes and are confident to express themselves

In 2011 it was noted:

'The school is very well organised and students thrive in this positive environment. AREAS OF STRENGTH: Stagecoach Chertsey is a caring environment where all disciplines are taught to a very high standard. In this vibrant and happy school students are cared for as individuals.' Harding Associates.


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