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25th Anniversary Workshops

Cathy  and Virginia have known each other and worked together for over 25 years and between them have an incredible and vast range of experience in both TV and Theatre
Virginia has on occasion taught at Stoke Newington Stagecoach and enjoyed  working alongside our wonderful coaches and experiencing what our students have to offer.She has a high regard for Stagecoach and is very excited to be coming in  and have an opportunity of working with our stage three's in our three main schools.
Cathy has a wonderful sparkle and is an amazing actress so we were delighted when we were told she would love to come in with Virginia to answer questions and give her input on life on the stage.
Together they worked with the students putting them into small groups giving each of them an idea for a motif which once created they then 'conducted' like an orchestra resulting in a finished perfomance piece.

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