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Stagecoach Stoke Newington Half term Venue Change

Stagecoach in Stoke Newington will be using a different  venue at half term.

Remember Stoke Newington School closes for half term and we are once again using  Grasmere Primary School, 92 Albion Road N16 9PD. It is a 10 minute walk toward Newington Green from our usual venue at Stoke Newington School and will be familiar to many existing students as they have previously or are still attending Grasmere as their Primary School.

Buses 476 and 73 pass on Albion Road

Buses 141 and 341  on Green Lanes /Newington Green

 Dates are listed below
Autumn 2014
Friday 31 st October 2014
Saturday 1st November 2014


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