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Stagecoach Performing Arts School Oxted Surrey

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Welcome to Stagecoach Performing Arts School in Oxted, Surrey, where we offer singing lessons, drama classes and dance classes to children from 4 years old in Oxted Surrey.

Drama classes at Stagecoach OxtedEvery week in Oxted  during term time children and teenagers come to our school to do an hour of singing classes, an hour of dance classes and an hour of acting classes.

Performing Arts classes for kids help to develop confidence, physical awareness, communication and articulation - as well as being educational and fun.

What to expect from Stagecoach Theatre Arts Oxted.

For our Children Aged 4-6 Years we have the perfect class, 'Early Stages' will introduce your child to the three Performing Arts disciplines in a 90 minute session.

The session is split into 30 minute classes. Classes are restricted to 15 children, allowing us to nurture young talent whilst encouraging and inspiring those who might need additional confidence.

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Singing classes in Oxted at StagecoachFor our Children Aged 6-18 Years we offer a three hour session which covers all three of the performing arts disciplines.

Children are split into three groups of similar ages and study dance, acting and singing for one hour in detail.

They are taught to express themselves creatively and effectively whilst learning at their own speed.

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For full details of class times and fees, click here. 

Performing Arts Classes offer tremendous benefits, here are just some that your child will gain by attending classes:

  • Increased confidence & Self Esteem
  • Clearer Diction & Vocal Dexterity
  • An opportunity to explore Creativity
  • A chance to gain new life skills
  • To make new Friends and have fun!
  • To find out more about our classes call

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Stagecoach Oxted medley from Avenue Q

Drama and dance classes for Children at Stagecoach Oxted

At Stagecoach Oxted we love to Perform and give the children regular opportunities to do just that.


We provide performance opportunities at the school twice a year.  Many of our students have also been involved in professional productions through the Stagecoach Agency, including films, TV commercials and West End Shows.

Our dance, singing and drama teachers are all CRB checked and have a wealth of experience and expertise in teaching the performing arts to children.

Come and visit our performing arts classes in Oxted Surrey.
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Stagecoach Part Time Stage School Oxted Surrey, runs drama , dance  and singing classes within within Hazelwood School, Wolfs Hill, Limpsfield, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0QU - attracting children from Kent and Surrey, including the surrounding villages of Westerham and Woldingham. 


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Harrison Johns

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Hazelwood School, >
Wolf’s Hill , Limpsfield
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Telephone: 01883 708 158

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From Our Timetable:

Early Stages Oxted Surrey

Sunday at 11:30 - 13:00

Oxted Surrey Early Stages Drama School on Sunday 11:30-1.00pm

You are never too young to start gaining skills for life

Early Stages is a "nursery" class designed to introduce young children aged 4-7 years to Stagecoach. Developed specifically to the needs of junior children these sessions work to enhance the learning, development and creativity of young people, giving them a safe environment to grow and stretch themselves.

Each child becomes more confident, socially aware and can discover their full potential in small class sizes (maximum 15), while having lots of fun and making new friends.

Early Stages classes run alongside the main Stagecoach schools, where young people learn skills in each of the three Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama, so it is an easy step when it is time to transfer to the next stage. 

This happens when a child is 6 or 7 years old, depend on individual circumstances.

For more information, please complete our enquiry form or call Harrison on 01883 708 158
For full details of class times and fees, click here. 

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