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Jordan Benjamin stars in Rocket's Island Tuesday 4th December 6:15pm CBBC

Congratulations to Jordan - he spent the whole summer in the Isle-Of-Man filming the role of Dibber in this new 3 part drama. So tune in on Tuesday...

Y&T Rep Company in association with Oxford House Theatre present CINDERELLA INNIT! 

'Cinderella, Ella to her mates, lives with her wicked and nasty Stepmother Donna and her Ugly nasty Stepsister’s Coco and Teenie, above their kebab shop in Bethnal Green. That’s Donna’s Kebab’s. Things have been tough since her mum passed away... then the news comes that Teen Pop sensation Denny D is looking for a special lady to sing with him at his concert for One Night Only! The search is on, every lady in town is invited. That is everyone but Cinderella according to Donna and her two kebabs... But wait, there is hope - in the form of her drunken father, her amazing vocal chords and her ever faithful besty Jonsey.

This production is at the Oxford House Theatre - Supported by Tower Hamlets Council

The Real Deal - since winning Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2012 this group of 8 have been busy with public appearances. They performed for both the Olympic and Paralympic Torch events, they performed a new set for the Black History Gala, they sang at The Urban Film Festival, they will be perfroming on 12th December to open the ELAM event at Oxford House hosted by Will from Chase and Status and they audtioned for BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT

Congratulations to Geraint Lewis De Carvacho For winning the Jack Petchey Award

Gary Wolff Photography
Geraint is one of our most creative members at Young and Talented. He is committed, determined & always thinks out side of the box. In our last production Viva Eastender! Geraint stole the show with his 'bad' stand-up comedian character. He engaged the audience, made them burst with laughter and delivered an outstanding performance every night.

Malachi Lewis who appeared in the Unleached dance show at the London Barbican Theatre.

Reece Buttery who is on our TV's now in the Sainsbury's Commercial.

Also I will be making a guest appearance in the Christmas episode of Casualty on BBC 1 Saturday 15th December... please tune in.

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