Scripts for performance

Scripts for drama schools to perform

Scripts for drama schools are sometimes: 1) difficult to find.  2) Often don't engage the children making commitment a real problem. 3) Don't engage the parents watching.

If you are looking for scripts for performance, please visit our 'store' to view samples, cast lists and full synopsis. CLICK HERE

 Below are some full length suggestions plus ten minute pieces that have been written by Blag Theatre Company. These will: 1) Engage Parents and Children. 2) Provide fun and excitement and a challenge for all. 3) The full length versions are available on a years licence at £100.00- ten minute pieces are available for £20.00. 

All the acting pieces have been performed in live theatre and have been wonderfully received by children and Parents. For more information please call 01923 772320 and speak to Lynn or visit our store.


"DOUBLE DARE" Available as a ten minute or full length play. A CHILLING TALE OF GHOSTS AND OUIJA BOARDS. A group of teenagers spend the night in a discussed theatre and get more than they had bargained for. This show has been performed by several secondary schools to high acclaim, testimonials available.

A great play with lots of parts and guaranteed to frighten your audience. No set, just firewood and old bits of furniture. Staging advice is on hand should you require it.

Running time approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

'We used the script for a KS3 performance - it was a very good script for us as we had a large cast, all of whom we could give a speaking part to. The kids loved the performance and felt that they were part of something special. With the eerie atmosphere and unusual twist it made for a very entertaining evening for our audience. It still gets mentioned. It would be suitable for any key stage - It could even be used for a BTEC group. I highly recommend it! ' 
Bex Segalini,  Director of Learning- Drama, Longdean School-Hemel Hempstead  

"TOAD...WARTS 'N' ALL!" This is the story of Toad and what happens when he decides to sell the Wild Wood to Disney to make a new theme park. The show offers lots of musical numbers and is a comedy. There are also opportunities to use extracts as ten minute pieces for festivals and exams. 

"WIZ'ED" This is a spoof on the Wizard of Oz and tells the story of a stroppy teenager who is on a mission to 'Find herself' During her journey she meets a boy with a terrible spot problem, a comedian with no sense of humour and a chap who is is verging on insanity. This is a two hour show with a cast of 100!  

"OLIVER  WITH A TWIST" A spoof, Oliver is very tall and has a stunt double, Nancy and Bet swap parts in the interval as Nancy is sick of being killed and the Cockney extras are there to keep you up to date on the ins and outs of adickensian musicals. Parts for 80 all ages Running time 2 hours without interval.


"THE COURT ROOM". Adaptation from "TOAD WARTS 'N' ALL" (Cast: Up to 20. Mixed)

"THE WILD WOODERS". Aaptation from "TOAD WARTS 'N' ALL" (Cast: Up to 24. Mixed)

"THEY COULDN'T PUT HUMPTY TOGETHER AGAIN". A sad story of what happens when Humpty falls beyond his wall, out of the book and has a fatal landing in the place we call 'Betwixt' Niethr Rhyme nor reality. (Cast: Up to 20. Mixed)

"ART ATTACK". A Comedy. Tells the story of a drama group in rehearsals and how they cope when their teacher dies from a heart attack. (Cast: Up to 30. Mixed)

"WAITING FOR HODDLE". A Comedy. Tells the story of two five-a-side football teams wanting to become a full eleven. One team advertises for another to join them. This is their first meeting and we see what happens when the boys discover that the other five-a-side are girls. (Cast: Up to 20. Mixed)




CAST MUSICALS offer a full package for schools.   

LUCKY BUCKET PRODUCTIONS provide youth theatre groups with original musicals for performance.  Their catalogue caters for a variety of needs including large casts of mixed age and ability, all girl groups and very young performers.  Written BY performers and directors FOR performers and directors, the scripts are flexible and easy to stage, characters are fun to play and everyone gets a chance to shine.  So if you like the sound of a jazzy detective story or a moving physical theatre piece, a sci-fi rock musical or a comedy about Nuns engaging in illegal pursuits then LUCKY BUCKET PRODUCTIONS could be just what you are looking for.

Visit to view the titles on offer and learn more about the excellent service this company provide at VERY competeitive prices.