How to film a self tape

Instructions on 'How to film a self tape' 

Self-taping has become very popular with Casting Agents over the last few years, so, it is really important to do a good job and raise your chances of getting in the room with the Director, Producers and Writers.

Here are 10 tips on how to do a self tape.

1: Read the sides you're given. if you have the entire episode or film script then always read them too. If you've been sent it, read it. 

2: Make notes on your character and always make a character choice. 

3: Learn your lines. They want to see your face and your reactions, not your face buried in a script.

4: Decide on your wardrobe and hair carefully. If you are taping two scenes you may
decide to wear your hair differently on each scene.Keep your top plain coloured, pattern will detract from your face. Whenever you dress for a self tape you should dress to suggest what the character could be like or look like. However, they don't want to see you in a police uniform, or nurses uniform if that's what you're going for. 

5: Set up the camera. Make sure your face is in plenty of light. Set up the frame to make sure your head and shoulders are seen. Usually the casting director wants to just see this part of you, unless they request a full body shot, which is usually on a seperate take, and not for the scene. Always do a test shot to make sure you're happy. 

6: Read through sides with your reader, making sure your reader reads quietly so not detract from you. If you're doing an accent, the reader should stay using they're own accent as that can sometimes distract from what you're doing. 

7: Decide on an appropriate eyeline. Usually this is not too far away from the lens but slightly to the left or right of camera. Do not look into camera unless this is requested.

8: Film your scene several times until you are happy. The beauty of self taping is you have as many tries as you need. If you are unsure of one take, watch it back and see if you can improve. 

9: Watch all the tapes back and choose the best one. 

10: Upload to Dropbox, Vimeo, or WeTransfer. 

Self taping can be recorded on a good quality video camera, Ipad or other quality devices. You can also book a studio on hourly rate at Spotlight in Leicester Square.

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