£135.00 a years listing or £15.00 a month.

An enhanced listing shows all your contact information, website links and an email contact form. You can add as much information to your listing as you would like.

A free basic listing shows no contact details and no website links.


If you want instantly more online exposure with minimal effort then opt for our enhanced listing and we will load it for you, giving you the freedom to get on with running your business knowing your school is being advertised 365 days a year. 

  • Just fill in your email and password and fill out the registration form, you can then decide on either the monthly or yearly plan. 

    “Dramaclasses.biz is a fantastic way to advertise my business and ensure that anyone who searches for drama classes in my area will get directed to my school’s information.”

    Stagecoach St Albans

    Statistically a student that enrols in your school will stay at least 1 term, though most will go on to stay several years. An average spend of a pupil per term is around £200.00 a term.. If just one student signs up you will have recouped your investment!



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What You Get

Yearly £125.00  or £15.00 a month

(Monthly can cancel at any time, no min term)

Listing in Our Search Results

Yes, this feature is available
Your phone, email and link to your website. Yes, this feature is available
A fully optimised microsite, for your relevant keywords. Yes, this feature is available
A five page mini website where you can add, news, timetable, photos, videos, workshops and check your stats. Yes, this feature is available
Your workshops will appear on our optimised Workshops Page Yes, this feature is available
Help from our dedicated dramaclasses team. Service includes loading your microsite. Yes, this feature is available

Email Enquiry form that is sent direct from our website.

Yes, this feature is available
Add reviews to your school page to encourage new pupils to sign up. Yes, this feature is available
Add Facebook and other social media links. Yes, this feature is available

An enhanced listing ensures your school is visible when people are searching in your area.  Monthly option: £15.00

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