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Learn to Sing | Singing classes for Kids and Adults: Singing is one of the three disciplines of performing Arts.

Singing is one of the three disciplines of the performing Arts. singing, dancing and acting are all equally important to a musical theatre performer but singing is also very  important to an actor, even if  you hate the thought of it, learn to sing. Singing will be a great asset to you as it will help you enormously with your breath control. So when you are performing you will be secure in your vocal technique.

Singing is something you should practise on a daily basis, if you have a keyboard or even an iphone App of a keyboard you can practise your scales to strengthen your voice. Even when you are a trained actor you should practise, some professional performers have singing lessons daily. Of course this is a big expense so get out your keyboard or phone App! Working on your singing is like going to the gym to work out your muscles, you either use it or lose it!

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Ramsey Voice Studio

Many people wonder if they can learn to sing.

As a matter of fact, learning to sing is one of the most popular skills that people want to learn.

 But can you learn to sing even if you don't have any experience?

To answer this question, we reached out to our friend, Matt at the Ramsey Voice Studio and asked for his advice on teaching people to sing better.

Matt firmly believes that anyone can learn to sing better and sent us a fantastic article called "How to Sing Better Today: The Complete Guide".

Matt's complete guide has over 40 techniques and video exercises to teach you to sing from the ground up.

Try our Actors vocal warm up.

There are lots of singing coaches, singing teachers all over the country finding one near you can be quite easy, but if you get stuck give me a call and I'll try to find some contacts for you.

If you can't afford private singing lessons then join your local choir, this is a wonderful way to learn how to harmonise, a skill you will at some point no doubt need. Stage schools also offer group singing and this will also give you an opportunity to perform your singing to an audience.

Music festivals are another great way to use your singing skills and get constructive feedback.

Remember you don't need to spend a fortune on learning to sing there is plenty of free help on You Tube available.

Happy Singing!!!