Full Length Musical Plays

Full length Musical Plays for Children aged 6 +. Please Note: Some of these plays might use original music and some might use existing songs from well known musicals. If this is the case, you must inform PRS of the name of the song and the length of the song so you can pay the Royalties direct to PRS.

Each Script is written for a large amount of children. However you can edit as necessary. Scenes are broken down to incorporate different ages. Principal Roles are aimed at the older more experienced students.

Peter Pan II...The Return

by Richard & Lynn Beaumont

(Cast: up to 100 M/F. Age: 7-16)

Peter Pan II...The Return. We join Wendy as a much older woman, she is a successful actress with three children of her own. She has a male nanny and leaves them with him when she has to go out. The children want to be read the story of Peter Pan but the nanny is reluctant to do this. Why? He is, in fact, Captain Hook!

He's always hated the ending of the story and sets of to jump back into the book at chapter 15 to change the ending. Pan appears from the auditorium and vows to defend the end. So Pan has to gather his troops: Wendy, Michael, Johnathon and Tinkerbell while Hook has to gather Smee, Smine, Yours & Theirs to fight to the end. Will he succeed?

It is a musical play suitable for performance. The one off fee allows your school to perform it with unlimited liscence. Please note however you may not pass this script onto other schools.

    • Peter Pan II...The Return.

    • Price: £100.00
    • Quantity:
    • Peter Pan is one of the most popular stories of all time, in this adapted story Peter Pan, Captain Hook and all their associates go back to Neverland to rewrite the ending of the original story, with Pirates, Mermaids, Indians, Mini Ha-Ha, Major Hoo-Hoo and of course Tinkerbell, Johnathon, Michael and Wendy.

      This production will guarentee lots of laughs and a new and exciting twist on the orginal story.

      Running Time Approx 120 minutes.

      PLEASE NOTE: This show uses exsiting songs so a seperate PRS fee will apply. 

      If you need more details or support with this script please contact: Richard & Lynn Beaumont: 01923 772320.


by Richard & Lynn Beaumont

(Cast: Up to 100. M/F. Age: 7-16)

Any resemblance to "The Wizard of Oz" is purely intentional!

Wiz’ed follows the story of Dotty Payle a Teenager from (Insert local area) who is trying to ‘find’ herself. She is walking Toto (a reluctant actor in a skin who’s only doing it because the real Toto was killed shortly before the curtain went up) they are caught in a storm, massive audience participation recreating a twister, Dotty and Toto land in ‘Oz...ish’ where they meet the Hoodwinks (street dancing Hoodies).

Dotty and Toto are instructed to go and see Wanda in the Land of Helium (cheap set). On the way Dotty meets up with Spotty, person who spends whole show with bag over their head due to a bad complexion. Potty is a person who has completely lost his marbles and Derek/Doris, a person who has lost their sense of humour.

There are Good, Bad and indifferent Witches, who swap in the interval, Narrators, Commuters, Crows, the Cheeky Monkeys and contestants in the ‘Helium’s Got Talent’ competition.

In the end Dotty is back to... (local area) ...and it was all a dream but she has learnt a real lesson of life which is,that it doesn’t matter if you’re spotty, don’t have a sense of humour or as mad as two balloons deep down we’re all the same. Cue for mighty finale' song/anthem original: “Everyone goes to the toilet”.

If you need more details or support with this script please contact: Richard & Lynn Beaumont: 01923 772320.