Art Attack - Ten Minute Play | Scripts

Art Attack Ten Minute Play for children and Teenagers.

When a group of school children discover that their teacher has died during their play rehearsal they have some difficult issues to deal with. Do they call the police? Do they carry on as though nothing has happened? No, they decide to 'walk' him out and dump him in the car park.

This is a dark comedy for children and teenagers. You will need an older child or adult to play the non speaking teacher.

The play can be set in a classroom, school hall or on a stage and only requires blocks or desks to create levels. The cast should be wearing their school uniforms.

Art Attack -Ten Minute Play

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  • Art Attack is a ten minute play. Please do have a look at the sample pages. If you require any help please do get in touch with 01923 721109.

    Sample pages (X2)

    Cast List Cast 12 Please note names can be changed to accomodate your boy/girl ratio.