Double Dare | Scripts

‘Double Dare’ (Also available as a full length play)

Genre: Thriller

Scripted and improvisation opportunities which can be developed within the play.

Cast size.20 but can be adapted to cast size up to a maximum of 34.

Set: The play can be staged in a theatre or school hall. There is no specific set, Burnt wood, old chairs, crates and odd props add to the atmosphere.

Special effects: These can be done as simplistically or complexly as your director wishes. Falling lighting bars, or collapsing pieces of set all go to creating an unpredictable event.

When a group of teenagers come together for a week of team building activities they get more than they bargained for. The activity week culminates in a prize for the team with highest score but dirty tricks and foul play lead the way in this teenage thriller. The teenager’s last task is to spend the night in a disused theatre, but arguments and desertion, stories of ghosts and a terrifying night with an Ouija board leaves two team members to face the wrath of the un dead. Who will survive the night and win the game?

Double Dare is a script which also encompasses an opportunity to use prepared improvisation. The director/teacher is able to contribute artistically making Double Dare a unique project for Children and teachers.


"We used the Double Dare full script for a KS3 performance - it was a very good script for us as we had a large cast, all of whom we could give a speaking part to. The kids loved the performance and felt that they were part of something special. With the eerie atmosphere and unusual twist it made for a very entertaining evening for our audience. It still gets mentioned. It would be suitable for any key stage - It could even be used for a BTEC group. I highly recommend it!"

Bex Segalini, Director of Learning- Drama, Longdean School-Hemel Hempstead

“Ricky and Lynn’s Beaumont’s writing provides something which is not only accessible to young people but also challenging, their unique style ensures that the more able performers are challenged enough to develop a deeper understanding of their character and results in a performance which isn’t just another youth show.

“Scripts by Ricky and Lynn also provide many more practical advantages; you have a degree of flexibility to change the script to suit your own cast”

“ The students love working on Ricky and Lynn’s scripts as they succeed in doing where so many others fail in providing a story for them to tell that does not patronize and delivers a 10 minute piece that can be enjoyed by Children, Teenagers and Adults Alike.

Ross Cutler B.A (Hons)Stage WingsSouthern Ireland

Double Dare