Summer School Check List for your Performing Arts School

Summer Performing Arts school check list

We have been running our own summer school for 19 years, all our scripts are original and we take 50 plus kids each year, so we have put together our check list as we thought it would be useful for your summer school too. Check list.

10 point 'to do' list for your summer school

1: Full cast list, scene and song breakdown. ( who is in what!) this is a huge help in rehearsals.

2: Collate music, print scripts. Name and part on leader page.

3: Compile your notice board. List of costumes, chaperones, emergency numbers and rehearsal schedule during performance week.Ticket sale information. Call times, Coach information, pick up times and drop off. ( this is a huge time saver as you can direct parents over to the board in busy times)

4: Check to see you have all indemnity forms/ registration forms and emergency contacts. Highlight any child with medical needs. Keep these on site in your main folder.

5: T shirts or give always.
If you are giving away T shirts make sure they have been ordered in plenty of time and lay out in size piles to help distribution on the first day.

6:Prep your tuck shop. (This is a great revenue add on and the kids love it!)
If you are running a tuck shop on site check local prices and then price your drinks and snacks accordingly.
Make sure all goods are priced up clearly and tuck menus are displayed clearly for kids. Also make sure you have plenty of change for your float.

7:Daily register, all children's contact numbers and comments.

8: Ticket sales or complimentary tickets for the show.Seating plan. Ticket order forms to be given out on first day. If selling tickets we run a competition to boost sales, winners get free places on next year's summer school or discounted places..

9:Make sure your set has been ordered or built. And transport is in place.

10:List of runners and crew.