The Academy of Performance Training (APT) Guildford

The Academy of Performance Training (APT) Guildford

APT Drama School in GuildfordThe Academy of Performance Training (APT) is an innovative vocational drama school raising the bar on a new era of drama training.

The academy based in Guildford Surrey (just a thirty minute commute from London Waterloo) is at the forefront of actor training. 

Apt drama school focuses on you, the student. In an incredibly competitive industry we believe it is paramount to focus on your career, your ambitions, and how together we can help achieve them.

With that in mind, we approach your training with fresh, groundbreaking techniques within an inspiring environment where our students are taught by some of the country's leading practitioners in both stage & screen techniques.

Historically full-time drama school training is expensive, potentially alienating highly-gifted students with an aptitude for brilliance. 

We believe drama training should be accessible for as many people as possible Therefore, all our full-time courses are set at £5,750;  £3,000-£4,000 less than the average course cost elsewhere, without compromising on quality of training or contact time.

Acting Course APT Guildford

There are three courses available; 

We accept only a small number of students to ensure every students receives the individual attention they require. 

Our courses are entirely practical, preparing students for a career within the live & recorded arts industry. Students are able to gain vocational qualifications from Trinity College London.

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"The time I spent at APT I personally feel I grew and matured as an actress; with the help from amazing tutors I learnt it's about bringing the text alive. I thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson, and can say I learnt something new every day!

Through the various exercises I have been taught at APT, it is now routine to look at characters and scripts in so much more depth, giving myself a much better understanding.

APT was a truly amazing experience!"
Millie Bryder (student)

Drama school Guildford"Training at APT was a transforming experience for me. It is a challenging programme, which took me back to the beginning to learn the craft from scratch.

The Instructors are fully committed and passionate about their work and yours. The various teaching styles challenge you to think differently, expectations are high, but in the end the constructive feedback of your work will enable you to develop and grow in ways you never expected."

Rebecca Landsberger (student)

"I loved my time at APT and learnt so much from the course, not just about acting but also about myself. The tutors inspired me and gave me the confidence to be daring. APT is a great launch pad for any actor in training and I left with skills for life."
Jacob Ereira (student)

"Having trained at APT, I can hand on heart say that it has made me the confident actor I am today.
All our tutors were working industry professionals, we were taught the techniques of Stanislavski , Chekov and Meisner whilst maintaining the use of the rudiments of acting.

Audition preparation showed us how to stand out in interviews, so not only was my course fantastic acting training it taught me amazing life skills.
I would genuinely recommend APT to anyone that is serious about a career in acting."
Ryan Moss (student)

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