Theatres in the UK

Theatres in the UK

British theatre has a long and rich history that stretches back to the Middle Ages, and it continues to be a vibrant and innovative part of the country's cultural landscape today.

In the UK alone we have approximately 4,000 theatres. Theatre is a hugely important part of our culture.

One of the most important eras in British theatre history was the Elizabethan era, which saw the rise of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries. During this time, theatre was immensely popular with all segments of society, from the working class to the aristocracy.

Plays were performed in outdoor theaters, such as the Globe and the Rose, and they covered a wide range of themes, from history and politics to romance and comedy. The Globe is still an important theatre and each year produces wonderful productions assesible to all. They also do wonderful schools productions.

In the centuries that followed, British theatre continued to evolve and expand. The 18th century saw the emergence of the "sentimental" drama, which focused on the emotions and moral dilemmas of its characters, while the 19th century was characterized by the rise of the "well-made play," which relied on intricate plots and surprise twists.

In the 20th century, British theatre continued to push boundaries and experiment with new forms and styles. The post-World War II era saw the emergence of the "angry young men" movement, which produced gritty, realistic plays about the struggles of working-class life, while the 1960s and 1970s saw the rise of experimental theatre and avant-garde performance art.

Today, British theatre is a diverse and thriving industry, with a wide range of productions and venues catering to every taste and interest. London's West End is one of the world's premier theatre districts, with dozens of theaters showcasing everything from blockbuster musicals to cutting-edge experimental theater. And outside of London, there are countless smaller theaters and companies producing exciting and innovative work across the country.

Below is a list of British Theatres some small some large, offering a wide variety of productions, just click on the links to take you to their websites. We hope you enjoy exploring our UK Theatres.